Mowing The Lawn

When I was a young girl
There were guy jobs
And gal jobs
I never mowed a lawn
Never felt that satisfaction
Of that kind of a job well done.

Now I am forty-eight
I mow my own lawn
And when I am done
I sit down and admire it
Saying to myself
“Look, you did it”
Knowing I could have done this
Years ago
When my back was stronger
Than it is today,
But I still am happy
I can take pleasure
Sipping on ice cold lemonade
Looking at how I didn’t even miss a spot
After mowing the lawn -
Even if I have to take some
Ibuprofen tonight
I still have the joy of knowing
“I” mowed the lawn
And that makes me feel good.

by Connie Webb

Comments (3)

Yah we have to give ourselves credit for our hard work especially when no one would
Exercise, fresh air and the smell of newly cut grass. Nice write Connie. I'm pleased that I found it. Joe
Isn't it satifying to know that when we accomplish something with an approval coming from within ourselves, we then can sit back and say well done! that's a great feeling. We might have to sacrifice an ache or a pain...but it remains 'our' accomplishment that makes us feel we can do something and be proud of it. Very nice poem! I really can relate. Thanks, Con Nie. L