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Poem By Marilyn Lott

Moxie was a tonic, folks
Used many years ago
Helped to aid what ailed ya
If you were feeling kinda low

They felt it would perk you up
So you took it every day
Right before you ate a meal
So your tiredness wouldn’t stay

Taken from the root of a flower
Gentius was the name of the plant
Just a tablespoon would do ya
Perhaps just a little scant?

As the story or legend has it
Named for a Illyrian King, you see
It was a very long time ago
For he died in 167 BC!

But someone has created
A carbonated drink since then
Guess folks make quite a face
Must be an interesting blend!

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Fascinating to learn about something I completely missed out. I used to believe in tonics; but finally the taste convinced me I did need them at all. (smile)