Mr. Big

No, ... nobody tells you
that it can make every day
feel as slow as a grain of sand
waiting to drop into the bottom
of the world's biggest hour glass

For a person who never had
ambition or goals, other than
the most basic human securities,
to suddenly have a dream
so big, that it engulfs your entire
being? , so big it feels as if
your heart, will be crushed
under it's heavy boots?
Such a feeling can only be described
as the sweetest torture

Although suffocating, if stopped?
it would surely stomp the breath
from your tiny lungs...
a dream this size, is like a giant
clinging to your back, like a parasite,
for dear life... but if you shake
him off, his fall will kill you...
your life crumpled like paper
under his weight

No, it's more like a tiny snowball
at the head of a towering hill
that - when pushed, by the slightest wind -
takes off! & is suddenly unstoppable,
endlessly rolling onward, growing larger by the day
until it becomes the ferocious abominable snowman
who chases you through the alps of life

To put it simply...
a dream this big is like a leech
draining the life out of you
yet keeping you hanging on
leading you where?
you don't know...
until you either succeed or
it all falls through

Until then,
you cling to it
much as it clings
to you

by Nika McGuin

Comments (1)

That's a very precise description of obsession in the last line - it makes the obsession animate - and makes you, your conscious self, an accomplice. It's no wonder you could invent so many metaphors for it: it has been hanging around way too long to be just the elephant in the living room. And you've been furiously inventing new metaphors like turning pages of a book, but every time you do so, your inner life gets more cluttered with things that distract it from sweetness and light, and you plunge deeper into your crowded psyche. You need some hero to clear out everything weighing you down. An epic poem - an epic hero. A Sundiata to the rescue! Invoke him.