Confusion Within

If you can only see
Look into my eyes,
and if truly can foresee
then what is in my heart?
You may say its a plantation of beautiful flowers
because most times i do smile and laugh
but that is a lie
and presently that is not where my heart lies.

At times i close my eyes
hoping when i opens my cup should have runneth over
still i opens to find my problem tower
mounting, going up and up an isle

Sometimes i close my eyes and forget to open,
I smells oven in my dream of short nap,
and still i sink in great depth of my debt.

Albeit, i laugh and play
Because it never steal my joy,
But it divides and seize my days

when i look gentle at times,
i do pray ' lord come save me,
Aid and abet for me
before this position fed up my life'.

So my beautific beamy eyes
Pre-requiste not my terrific heart
And my most enchanting smile
May never reveal where my heart lies

by Micheal Olaniyi

Comments (5)

Sylvie I enjoyed this so much I thought Mr. Bling might like a friend so see my poem The future Mrs.Bling. Love Lisa x0x
Ooooohhhhhh! ! ! ! What a revelation. It wasn't worth its weight in gold was it. Great laugh. Love Ernestine XXX
Your imagination is awsome, Rosie...for some reason I see the illustrations of this poem as a children's book, passed out in schools by policemen to prevent crime!
I love these amusing characters you create with such skill and purpose.Good poem, Sylvia. Love, Sandra
Hey! ! ! This is great.A funny write with a good message contained.You have done us proud again.Love Duncan