Mr Bling

Now Mr Blining did a stupid thing
he went and bought a big gold ring.
The size of this ring was like an old crown
oh' how it weighed him down.
Everywhere he went his money was spent
on precious gold, wherever it was straight or bent.
Now Mr Bling had a gold chain,
along with the ring he looked so vain.
With all that weight, it must have weighed a ton
yet he bought more and more, just for fun.
Now our Mr Bling did go bit to far.
When he bought a gold bullion bar.
He had a good intention, but I think I failed to mention.
That our Mr Bling is serving ten years detention.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (5)

Sylvie I enjoyed this so much I thought Mr. Bling might like a friend so see my poem The future Mrs.Bling. Love Lisa x0x
Ooooohhhhhh! ! ! ! What a revelation. It wasn't worth its weight in gold was it. Great laugh. Love Ernestine XXX
Your imagination is awsome, Rosie...for some reason I see the illustrations of this poem as a children's book, passed out in schools by policemen to prevent crime!
I love these amusing characters you create with such skill and purpose.Good poem, Sylvia. Love, Sandra
Hey! ! ! This is great.A funny write with a good message contained.You have done us proud again.Love Duncan