Mr. Calapitter (Children)

Dear Mr. Caterpillar,
I don’t mean to bother you,
but I have lots of questions
about your kids and what you do.

After giving all those baths,
and you tuck your kids in bed,
do dollar signs for shoes and socks
get piled up in your head?

They all wear fuzzy winter coats,
guess you don’t have to buy
any boots or toasty mittens.
You’re such a lucky guy.

Do little caterpillar kids
ever stub their toes?
And if they fall and skin their knees,
where do bandaids go?

Dreaming in their warm cocoons,
is it always a surprise
to suddenly just wake up
as pretty butterflies?

Mr. Caterpillar,
Mrs. Caterpillar, too,
Do you remember all their names?
Mom and Dad can’t with just two!

by C.J. Heck

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Very cute. Enjoyed this one. S