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Mr Clock
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Mr Clock

Mr., Clock
I woke up and looked at the time piece and asked it - could
I get up now? When I was born they looked at the time
Piece again and asked, what time is it? In my school days,
we had a very big time piece looking down on us kids, as it
was telling us no no no you sit there until I tell you to
leave there. Than I became a big boy and said to myself, I
want a time piece on me so my life and world will be giving
All to that time piece. Yes I will, yes I will be a slave
To you. Watch me and keep me in line. So time went on,
with jobs and wedding and everyday things that come our
way but I gave my soul too time the day I was born. Now
I'm old, I look at my master the clock yes now he has a
name, 'Mr. Clock' and ask him, could I take my medicine
Now? So I did, until Mr. Clock said I want all of you, yes
Even your soul now. Soon after I got real sick and ended
Up in the hospital with Mr. Clock on my arm and walls. As
my eyes are getting heavy and I pass on I heard the doctor
Call out to Mr. Clock and ask him 'what time is it '?

Guy Maggio

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