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Mr. Crapeater

If you ever happen to be sad and think
I don't love you the way I used to,
then be sure that ever since the night
you asked me to ask you yo be mine,
I still adore you, love you, need you.

You once said to me, 'I can't promise you
our love will live forever and ever.
As much as I hate to I'll have to agree.
But please, 'till forever is there,
promise, to leave me never.

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Comments (3)

Your feeling come through well Stef. Don't let PH bug you. His comments actual spur a lot of people on to become pretty good poets. Give him a wink say thanks and have a little giggle. BUT be fired into proving him wrong. OK? Hugs Jan
Excuse me for just expressing my feelings about my current situation in my relationship Mr. Hound.
After that, I feel like Mr. Crapreader. Sorry, couldn't help myself!