LI (06/30/74 / Charlotte)

Mr. Dirty Man

Hello Mr.Dirty Man I've been watching you
You don't know my name, But I know your game
Here you are trying rob, steal and KILL
Just to get one night of a high thrill
What you need to do is sit back relax and chill
I'm looking at you Mr.Dirty Man
On the computer trying to find a young woman
So you can get a one night love
But you'll getting 10-20 in hand cuffs
Mr. Dirty Man you are caught in the act and you need to confess
You are an ILLEGAL IMMAGRANT and you are trying to head west
Mr.Dirty Man I see you with UNseeing eyes YOU can't see me
Mr.Dirty Man I can see you, But You can't see me! !

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