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Poem By Mr. Cheese

She'll never know how I feel
Because I'm Mr.Disguise
Everything I feel and where I look
Very well I hide

You see the problem is I want her
But I'm much too very shy
So with my outfit on
The truth I can deny

See with my shades on
She can't notice my eyes
And how when shes around
They light up like morning skies

And with my face mask on
I can hide how she makes me smile
And how I just wish
Every second with her, seemed like awhile

With my gloves on
She doesn't get to see my hands
How when her voice is heard
Each finger ready to dance

But most important is my extra big sweater
That hides my reactions the best
It doesn't let her see or hear
My heart pounding out my chest

One day I'll take all this off
Tell her how I feel when the time is perfect
Cause if I screw up
I lose the woman who's struggle to get is worth it

But until then I have to hide these things
And for as best I can
Because right now
I'm just not ready to be her man

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Comments (2)

A sweet read and a universal theme that every one of us can identify with. Relationships are so complicated by our inner emotions sometimes, but really it is as simple as that burning desire of yours....I am sure Mr Disguise will show his true eyes as soon as the time is right, but don't miss the boat by waiting too long, is a thought that springs to mind. Smiling at you, Tai
Heartfelt piece .....lots of emotion shown on these fine lines nicely penned regards Jon