(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)


A phucking vahjina with a paynis, baystard shitehead, weaner...

are you offended yet?
who really cares
cause I don't.

I'm just one man
who doesn't try
to escape reality

reality is no bull
so put down the red
and stand your ground

you owe it to yourself
stop taking loans from time
because really they aren't loans

it will soon come to represent
all that was once lost
no one needs regret

regret is the bosom that feeds you poison
this poison doesn't alter anything
it just sucks the life right out of your mouth

the more time is wasted
the more regret builds up
where is your mind at?

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Thats a cute lil fluffy poem... sounds of playful write very adorable i must admit i like it :) ~Bella