Mr. Nice Guy

I knew a Mr. Nice Guy
He was the nicest
And bestest guy I know

I asked him to be my friend once
Wouldn’t hear of it
Had enough friends it seems
So I said okay

I was to fill the position of girlfriend
Which was vacant
My role was cut out
My duties clear
He had his whole life planned
And managed to fit me into it
He was a nice guy

He was very polite
Extremely courteous
Oh so friendly
He pulled out chairs
And opened doors
He’d say all the right things
You wanted to hear
He’d give you emotion, the flowers
And the words

He thought he meant it too
So did I
He was a real nice guy

He’d didn’t want to intentionally hurt
I think

But he needed more
And I needed more
And neither of us could pay the bill

He had a hangover when I met him
And he lied to me
Told me everything would be okay

But he lied

Then he lied more
Until he and I both believed in him
To keep us going

But now I don’t' believe him

Even though he's a nice guy

by nisha dyrene

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Nice review with nice Mind Nice poem, nice...10+