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Mr. Reagan? Time For Tea.
TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

Mr. Reagan? Time For Tea.

Poem By Theorem The Truth Serum

The Republicans care only about the United States
but they care about it so much that they are
willing to kill millions of people just to protect it.
It's years lived behind these sentiments
have started to rise an army in which we call terrorism.
We have terrorized whole nations, but with the
use of wonderful words like freedom and
have gotten away with all of this.
You talk about Kofi Annan in disgust?
He's kept your parties boneheads
away from any prosecution from
their war crimes that they have committed.
Every decision we make has been a blunder.
Why don't we let the world be the world
and the United States be the United States.
We can make better use of our money
if we spent it on the citizens that have earned it.
It is a better solution than the one proposed
in the continuing of disregarding innocent lives.
When one country thinks that it is above everybody
else and doesn't protect the value of life.
That country has then become dangerous.
Mr. Reagan...trade your views for humanity.
It is these selfish imbeciles who believe that we
should continue our economic oppression
that we imposed on Latin America
should be continued in the Middle East.

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