Mr. Sasstronaut

Hey there Mr. Sasstronaut
We have a mission for you
Your mastery of sasstronomy is unrivaled
Your sass is second to none
We need you on this mission
We've uncovered a race of sassy aliens
We've sent in our sassiest ambassadors
But their sass was too strong
The failure to sass on their level in front of their leader
Has caused them to label us as a race of Unsassables
They are plotting to enslave the human race
And put us all into SASS camps
Sass Assimilation Social Services camps
In these camps we would be stripped of our ability to choose when to sass
We would all become a race of perma-sassers
You are the last hope for the polite and the meek
So sass Mr. Sasstronaut
Sass your way to the moon
And sass among the stars

by Austin Lockwood

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