Mr. Spider Reflects Upon Illegal Immigrants

Mr. Spider Reflects Upon Illegal Immigrants

Fat, shaggy Mr. Spider took a walk,
To a dim, dusty, corner of the court.
There he partook of a delectable fly for his lunch,
Then, decided to mingle with the crowd returning from brunch.

He heard a tall, thin man say,
“I worry a lot about illegal immigrants these days.”
Another answered, “They’ve got their nerve.
I say, if they’re caught, give them jail time to serve! ”

Mr. Spider dodged the foot of a well-nourished lady.
“If you ask me, ” she said, “the whole things crazy!
Did you hear that the Australians apologized to the Aborigines
As if they were civilized enough to have hearts that grieve! ”

He scrambled up a student’s shoe that had an open weave.
“The Hispanics say that they were here first! ” Spider walked onto his sleeve.
“Therefore they feel they should have certain rights recognized in Justice’s Halls.”
Feeling grumpy, Spider thought, “You students, you think you know it all.”

He shambled up the wall and bundled up a juicy moth in his quiet nook.
“You and your classes and your fancy books.
He paused to polish his fangs. “Don’t forget the greatest lesson of all, ”
He looked approvingly at the moth. “Is Might Makes Right, as I recall.”

by Mary Naylor

Comments (2)

A wonderful piece of satire, Mary. Mr.Spider is a deliciously wicked character.If he were to run for office, he would get many votes. This is one of your very best effforts to date. My hat is off to you! Love, Sandra
This is a very clever, witty and highly original poem Mary. I wonder where the inspiration came from? Your reference to the recent apology by our new Prime Minister is noted with approval and the irony of your spider's subsequent behavior provides a satisfying finale for this splendid poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥