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Mr Titus.

Mr Titus.

Mr Titus is my name.
I am wonderful and charming,
Clever, but never alarming,
And, of course, I am gentle and tame.

How proud of my mistress I am.
Oh yes, very proud indeed.
When a storms rages at night,
Her comfort is strong.
I know that all will soon be well,
For when I am afraid,
A story to me she will sit and softly tell.

Then when she needs comfort,
Or when she feels low,
I will sit on her lap,
And her sadness will go.

That she has such a friend,
Who loves her so.
Is a remarkable thing didn’t you know.

And who is her friend?
Why, it is me, Mr Titus, I say.
A cat full of magic,
With bright stars in my eyes.
I play in the moonlight in my own special way.
For I am both charming at night,
And charming by day.

Amid the shadows of the moon.
You will often find me,
Having a little scratch and a discussion or three,
To any passing creature who looks like me.

Then when my adventures are over and done,
I come back home to my kind mistress,
And relay all that I’ve done.
Then I sit and yawn,
Then nod off to sleep,
Dreaming about fish and the odd mousey I might meet?

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