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Mr Webster

Mr Webster you are so smart.
Your full of wisdom from the start.
People go to you for advice,
because your spelling is so concise.
And you know the meaning of ever word.
Even the ones I've never heard.
But in this technical day and age.
Computers now are your upstage.
With one little click, the spellings checked.
There's nothing left that's incorrect.
But there's something missing there.
The tactile feelings that you share.
So Mr. Webster I'll still visit you,
because with my spelling I have no clue.

(22 May 2007)

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I have no idea why, but when I read this, my mind went straight away to that Alison Krauss tune with the line that says...'Old Mister Webster could never define, What's being said between your heart and mine.' You're right, you know. I miss going to the old musty dictionary and reading through my parents' old set of encyclopedias! I must be getting old to be missing that stuff! Where in the world do you come up with these original topics? ? ?
Wonderful poem. Mr. Webster is a true friend, he'll tell you every possible meaning, tense, and origin. He has sense beyond each spelling. Mr. Spellchecker is sometimes a deceiver, he'll correct an make you a believer. Only sometimes he guesses and gets us into messes.
JoAnn you've been peeking at my notebooks again. Sometimes I write things down and then can't read what I've written and try to decipher the meaning. What you say is so clear, I just wish I could spell my dear. Top Marks from me and thanks for sharing. Dodgy Dave