Mr. Zuckerberg, Are You Listening?

Mr. Zuckerberg, are you listening?
Facebook needs a new button,
Beside the one called ‘like',
And it's worth mentioning.

If someone posts a pleasing status,
Then the friends go for the ‘like' option,
But if anyone writes about the loss of someone loved,
What should the users do? Should ‘like' they still press?

There should rather be an option called ‘symphathise',
That for the sake of humanity will be something wise.

-I even posted a status on Facebook on Aug 30,2012 about the introduction of a 'Sympathise' button. The status was- 'I find it really strange or weird especially when someone clicks the 'Like' option even when his friend faced an accident. How can we 'like' this phenomenon when the concerned person is not happy? I think my Facebook friends must agree with me on this note. According to me, Mark Zuckerberg should think seriously about this and add another option just beside the 'Like' button. I suggest that 'Sympathise' can be the most suitable option.'

by Md. Ziaul Haque

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