Mrs. Bass's 8th Grade Language Arts Class

Welcome,8th grade, to this class,
I teach Language Arts because I'm Mrs. Bass.

Pick a desk and have a seat,
Write your assignments in your planner nice and neat.

Open your notebooks and pull ot a sheet of paper,
Today we will do the opening together.

Now read your book for 20 minutes or so,
take notes on what you know.

Now it's time for a test,
try your hardest and do your best.

No talking during this test you hear,
Because Mrs. Bass is watching near.

Test is over time has past,
Now heres the thing we do last.

For homework tonight in your book,
Do page 72 'a closer look'.

Write a summary on what you learned,
And write 5 questions for extra credit that can be earned.

Now pack your things and dont forget to do your homework tonight,
Now adios first wave GOODBYE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

by christy tanksley

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Comments (2)

Verily, a lovely rhyming verse that brought my school days right in front of my eyes......10
To me, a comical take of a teacher's routine in class portrayed even more routinely than it should be, possibly expressing of how mundanely tick-tock the learning system and that it may very well be the fault of human error. An interesting read. - K.