Mrs Hermione J Dunsraleigh.

The sun shines as if it has just been born
Every bird composes a beautiful song
And a child's smile drifts across a warm breeze to me.
I see lovers hold the hand of security, a rare thing in this world
They grip it tighter, but love comes or goes as it pleases,
They can't control it.
People mill around the gates, the cars die on yellow lines.
Aunt Priscilla and cousin Pam speak silence.
I watch with radar concentration
feeling like an inexperienced knife- thrower.
I feel cold as the sun fades.
Morning off work, i cannot enjoy the free time.
My sister Janet and her husband Clive are here,
They exchange words, empty conversation litters the path.
The young child of Belinda screams at the man with the funny cloak
As people cry.
''Why did you let my wife die? '' cries Albert to nobody.

by Kevin East

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