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Mrs. Hitchcock
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Mrs. Hitchcock

Hello Mrs. Hitchcock
I hope truly you are doing well
I hope life has been very good to you
But that as time, someday it will tell.
And how are your beautiful daughters
I hope too they are doing fine
I hope they became wonderful women
I hope too they are gentle and very kind.
I hope they are seeking their destiny
In this hard world which we know as life
A hard journey for either woman or man
Or maybe, they became a mother and a wife.
Tell me do they have the beauty of their mother
And also do they have the eyes of their dad,
Do they both like to joke and laugh and enjoy life
And do they cry, when they are very sad.
Do they help others when they are in trouble
The way that you also had taught them to do
And do they sing when they are very happy
And are they virtuous, and also so very true.
Tell me do they also believe in heaven and God
Knowing that he is the reason that they are here
And do they thank him for the mother he gave them
Maybe their life someday, will be someone's mirror.
So once again I hope you are doing very well
I truly hope you have found in life what you sought
Also I hope everyday for you, it is a beautiful day
So again I wish you well, Mrs. Hitchcock.

Randy L. McClave

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