What Is Real Love

What is real love?
Should it be plain like a cow?
Or furious like a bow?
Or with results for what you sow?
True love is affection
Real love is determination
Actual love is your close connection
Promising love is your reflection
Outward loves never succeed
Inner loves never have greed
In the case of true lovers
Never do things of cowardice
The world is a stage
People do unwanted things in a fit of rage
Fill your heart with pure love
Be peaceful like a dove
True love does not need inspections
Only your lovely rhythm sections
If people really love
They should have done anything for their mourning dove...
NO! they did not
So what is the meaning of tying a Knot?
The present world should understand its meaning
Or else they would be left whining
What is the reason of family disputes?
Its nothing but the partial love of family members
People are now blind on gods
They do not understand that love is god
O pretty nature
Why are people not mature
They talk about it
But never understand its meaning - even a bit
O lovely animals
Why are people innerly criminal
All god say love all
Why do their followers say everyone is false before your eye ball
O blue sea
Please answer me
You watch us daily
Tell me - why this discrimination really
O long sky
The place where birds fly
You always invite so many birds
But why people, who have come from you see some as different herds
Tell me O green forest
Tell me...
Why do we practice inequality
Why, even after when we got freedom and liberty
If people do not feel love
I would not be able to feel even the glove
Love all, Serve all
That's what I can say
Even after you, I and the earth - all lay.......


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Well written Herbert.The name was toooooooooo long..Thank you.
Thank you very much. Could I trouble you if you live in Cairo, I have a request and will send it to your INBOX (just look in the members area) . I would greatly appreciate it. H
You write huge poem bigger then cairo, but it flow like an angel flow like a river, what a great story, you speak big words, i need medical book but great poem, you master poet a true wordsmith, i give you ten of the best Mofassa