Look At This City

Look At This City
and tell me
what you see.

Do you see
what I see?
Do you feel
the same as me?

Look at the trees.
Don't tell me now
that they are in our way.

(whatever you mean by that) .

Look at this city:
so much innocence;
so much fear;
so much love.

Sometimes I feel
the same way you feel:
lost and confused
when I try to keep my love alive
for the people, and the stray dogs,
and the palm trees, and the Nyms,
but the attitude of the city
gets in the way, sometimes.

Sometimes, I close my eyes
and whisper softly
into my heart
that all evil
shall pass.

Look at the city
deep into her eyes.
Tell her,
with your spirit in the horizon,
that you'll never
give up.

By Lenny Orlando Camacho Tapia.

by Lenny Orlando Camacho

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Charmingly rustic. Though long forgotten to the world the humble Canadian ladies live on in the poem.