Do Your Homework!

I was sitting on the couch reading a book
When Dad comes in and gives me that look
Have you finished your homework?
Do you have any more?
Come on son its half past four!
Can I please read for just a little bit more?
No! He says while he stomps his foot on the floor
Then I lost my cool and ran amok
Dad's jaw dropped open and he was in shock
Open your textbook and grab a pen
Start writing now before I count to ten!
I moaned and groaned and put up a good fight
But in the end i didnt want to be up all night.

by Steve Bleeb

Comments (6)

Mrs Moon sitting up in the sky little old lady rock-a-bye with a ball of fading light and silvery needles knitting the night Nicely penned. Thanks poet. 10
Beautiful description of moon against the backdrop of traditional fables. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks.
So nicely written poem.
a nice change of pace- utterly lovely
Please help: did he write a poem with something like: 'Sometimes when I've had a few, I ask the world to step outside'? It sounds like it should be him. Can anyone identify it?
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