Mrs. Morman

Poem By Shauna Stoltz

You may just be a teacher
but to me you're much more
you're someone I can talk to,
look up to, and adore

we both love poetry
and Shakespeare alike
you keep me pushing myself
and write with all my mite

I come to you
with most of my problems
because I know you've been through
a lot of the same things

you're my favorite teacher
and I thought this was the best way
to write you a poem
and let you know how I feel

I'll never forget you
you've been a huge inspiration
I just hope our friendship lasts
thank you for everything

Mrs.Morman I can never thank you enough
for everything you have given me
for all the times when I was down
that you picked me up

with one of your quotes or stories
to lift me off the floor
thank you Mrs.Morman
for always being there for me

Comments about Mrs. Morman

this poem is so nice :) i also have a teacher that means very much to me she is a good teacher... care about every students a lot
That was a very nice poem. I had a few teachers who were just like Mrs. Morman. They meant the world to me. They help shape me into the person I am today. -Michael

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