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Ms.Cold Hearted
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Ms.Cold Hearted

Scandalous is what I call you
You had it all
I was there for
I never did you no wrong
Forever is what we said
My heart was what you were

But now scandalous is what I call you
See you
You lied from the beginning
You, you left me for first bitch
You, you never wanted nothing but sex
And you, you don't care about nobody but yourself

But now for me
All the pain, hurt, heartache and heartbreak I've felt
Just made me numb
So now I don't care
I have no sympathy for you or what your going through
I don't care about your feelings
The discomfort I cause you
The cruel way I talk to you
And the misery I am gonna cause you
Cause you didn't care about me

Pain is my pleasure
And pleasure is my pain
My attitude towards another
Will be nothing but RAGE......

See Ms.Cold Hearted is now the name
Thank you to all that made me this way.........

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Hey! I really love this poem. You emotions are displayed really well. I give it a 10