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~ Ms.Emily's Gift's~

The night n'er knew her face-
She would retire afore the sun set-
In the early twiglight hours-
Wrapped herself tightly in velvet coverlet-

Beauty sleep was her aim-
A resting of her most beautiful soul-
And a deep withdrawl from-
The Ebon's sometimes too cold-

She had not one mean thought-
Her character honest and true-
A vision with her beloved God-
'Twas all that she ever knew-

Daylight hours she embraced-
The Butterfly and Bee-
Caressed- she- the garden Lillies-
Natures keeping 'twas her ability-

She ne'r knew a person-
That she did not revere-
An honor bestowed upon each one-
Always in her heart held near-

Amherst-it was truly blessed-
Though at the time so unaware-
That they had such a gifted poet-
Living and loving the sod-right there!

In Honor of: Emily Dickinson

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Raveendran and sweet Dorothy, Thank you so very much for your very kind words! Many blessings to you both! Theo
Clear, beautifully drawn - a lovely poem.
Theo, I love Emily Dickinson and I love your tribute to her...'tis wonderful! Dorothy
Thank You Michael. I love Emily Dickinson, as much as i do jim totally different and yet, i love their words. loooking forward to hearing from you! Theo
Hi Theo, this is a nice poem. Rhythm and rhyme can say these things so well. It has the qualities I usually associate with your poetry - a lot of emotional tenderness and honesty. I'll send you a msg soon in response to your last. I feel moved to write a poem about Pavarotti. I just heard of his death a few minutes ago. I video'd the Three Tenors Concert in 1990 and played it till it broke. It was a rather difficult time in my life and singing kept my heart and soul alive. And that love has stayed with me. Speak again soon Warm wishes Michael
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