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I been looking here and there every where
Hoping one day Ms.right will show her self and appear.
But what is clear is I wish Ms.wrong would disappear.
Disappear with her I need a baller attitude
Need a soldier split the money three ways attitude?
Or That I can have another you in a minute attitude
Ya’ll really got it confused
I’m so sick of having an ice box where my heart used to be
Because I’m not Ballin! Like Jim Jones or Jay-z.
Or making it rain and pulling out stacks
I’m just here speaking my mind and stating the facts.
Every thing that shines and glitters is not gold
It just blinds the eyes and makes you loose control.
Yea in the videos it’s all fun and games.
But do you think a rapper really gives a damn about your name.
Or when you cry…………you think they care to whip your eye.
You’re chasing a dream
Things aren’t always what they seem.
But back to finding my dream Ms. Right
I work out every night trying to get my body tight
Just for that one day when she pops up in to my life.
Warm sweet with the softest skin
Heavenly smell that makes my head spin.
But it’s just a dream for you see she doesn’t exist
Finding ms. right is like chasing a ghost a myth.
There’s real women out there looking for real men
What you see on TV and movie screens are just pretend
People should spend more time and care when chosen a mate
We should let it ride and depend on fate
There could be times when mistakes arise
But learn from them and keep your eyes on the prize
Nobodies perfect we are all gods’ creatures
Although people pay more attention on various features
It’s what’s inside that counts and how they make you feel
Not that fake or artificial but that sense of real
But some people are lost and forget what that means
That joy of being one and being on a team
That sensation causing you to feel alive like air through lungs
Rolling through your body and soul like words through tongue
But those same sensations can at times feel cruel
Feel cold and used like tarnished tools.
Feel low and down you know
Like tears they fall and start to flow
With pain equivalent to the feeling of dieing
Sleepless nights and eyes all dry from days of crying
I’ve been down this path………. this road I most confess
I know the feeling of ones heart ripped out ones chest
Same thing that makes you smile makes you cry
Who ever said that in a way didn’t lie.
Yet love is pain and pain is love
Both hand in hand like hands through gloves
Mr. and Mrs. Right are fairy tales and often babble
One should search the valley to find that golden apple.
Because it’s out there ……………….some where
You know…….. some where out there.

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Pablo Neruda

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