Ms Shay

Thirty-one years old...
Wow how time has passed.
With looks of a teen-ager!
'Now Shayla...
You and I know that ain't gon' last! '
But you have a timeless beauty,
And what's greater is your heart that's pure.
You have Kamara and Kevin...
Two wonderful children you raise.
They reflect your terrificness,
And you deserve the praise.
I wont mention your cooking...
Because someone else might be reading this,
And looking!
But I will say this...
I've heard you cook a mean pot of grits!
You know Uncle Larry likes to tease...
Especially you, my beautiful niece!
And when all is said and done...
I want the world to know,
How magnificent you have become!
I am so proud of you, 'Ms Shay'
And I am wishing you a glorious,

Dedicated to My Niece:
Ms Shayla Louise Dixon
On her birthday
August 21st 2007

'Love you, My precious one! '
Uncle Larry

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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**Happy Forever Young Day** Shayla~~~~ marci.m...avon, ct. a nearby neighbor of your Uncle.~~~~*******