I sign in on msn,
My face lights up to see,
Those 40 contacts are online,
And 30 wanna speak to me!

Too many people
So I make a brave decision
Put them all in one convo
Where you can leave on no condition.

Although one condition is my secret
And that only I will know,
So everyone must talk
Till I sign out and go.

Jay says BRB,
I type that he may leave,
But after 10 minutes, I grow annoyed
And many nudges he did receive.

Custom emoticons all over the page,
All with unique intentions,
Some to insult, others for love,
But all used for tension.

Arguments are caused,
By text I have used,
The angry face appears here and there,
As one kid is abused.

My boredom grabs me,
I decide to leave,
‘File’ ‘Sign out’
And leave the abused to grieve.

Then the next day,
I am hit with moans of might,
But for all those little moaners,
I plan a convo for, tonight.

by Paul Humphrey

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