Mt Franklin

From the nearest Towns Guildford and Daylesford more than shouting distance away
Mt Franklin a nice place for a camping holiday
Surrounded by trees on the higher ground
Where the beauty of Nature in all Seasons abound
Home to wallaby, wombat and gray kangaroo
And the big dark brown parrots known as yellow tailed black cockatoo
Their distinctive wee yu calls floating in the breeze
They live on the dark seeds in the pine cones of the monterey pine trees
As a place close to Nature where camping is permissible it is widely known
Mt Franklin it does have a charm of it's own
The soft humming calls of the bronze winged pigeons so pleasant to hear
In a place that to Earthly Utopia does seem very near
On Mt Franklin between Guildford and Daylesford Town
Of Central Victoria a jewel in the crown.

by Francis Duggan

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