Mt Napier The Volcanic Hill

Where the volcanic hill known as Mt Napier Ever looks down
On the brown and stony country near Hamilton Town
From it's crater in centuries long gone red hot lava did flow
In what century or time none can tell or would know
Named after a famed artist of the south west Victoria countryside
Napier Waller was one who was famed far and wide
But centuries before he came to life and knew of great fame
The hill named in his honor had it's Indigenous name
In the paddocks by Mt Napier and for many square kilometers around
Volcanic rocks and stones in great numbers abound
The legacy of a time when the rivers of burning lava did flow
When the mountain of fire lit the sky with it's glow
It was old in the age of the dinosaurs and in the Dreamtime
Mt Napier the volcanic hill that has inspired story and rhyme.

by Francis Duggan

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