Mt Rouse Of The Volcanic Countryside

On the stony paddocks of Penshurst and quiet old Penshurst Town
The once volcanic hill of Mt Rouse is ever looking down
The black tribes hunted on it many centuries ago
And from it's steaming bosom red hot lava did flow
Mt Rouse of the volcanic countryside has inspired story and rhyme
It is a very old hill 'twas even old in the Dreamtime
Mt Rouse on the higher ground where only small trees and bushes grow
The first Australians lived and hunted there many centuries ago
The home of the echidna, wallaby and grey kangaroo,
Magpie, kookaburra, little corella and yellow tail black cockatoo,
Mt Rouse or otherwise Kolor which is it's indigenous name
Has been around for hundreds of centuries before the first people came,
Long before the age of the dinosaurs many centuries before
Mt Rouse has stood on the higher ground as it will forever more.

by Francis Duggan

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