Mt Rouse Or Kolor In It's Rugged Face Of Brown

Known as Mt Rouse or Kolor in it's rugged face of brown
The old volcanic mountain overlooking Penshurst Town
Thousands of years back in the Dream-time long before European people came
To live in the Shire now known as The Southern Grampians the hills coughed up rivers of flame
Us humans do age quickly time does become our foe
And though to Mt Rouse or Kolor the Seasons come and go
The old hill overlooking Penshurst Town that has inspired story and rhyme
It does not seem to age at all though it was old in the Dream-time
When in Summer Australia's first people danced their corroborees
In view of old Kolor in the shade of the trees
But within view of Kolor no corroborees danced today
Time does bring with it changes as some are known to say
But old Mt Rouse or Kolor forever will look down
On the dry brown stony countryside and Penshurt rural Town.

by Francis Duggan

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