Mt Tamborine

I've been through the outback wide and brown
Miles from the nearest country town
And through vales and mountains lush and green
But none quite like Mt Tamborine.

The purple flowers on jacaranda trees
Are dancing in the mountain breeze
And magpie flute and figbird sing
In this green paradise of spring.

In such a place one well could live
And back to nature something give
And have a garden full of flowering trees
With nectar for the birds and bees.

A short drive by car from the Gold Coast
Just fifty minutes at the most
Where one can have the surf and sea
All this sounds very good to me.

The flowers of Nature in full bloom
Scent of a natural sweet perfume
And butterflies flit to and fro
Displaying their beauty as they go.

A poet might well describe in words
The sweet songs of the mountain birds
And the beauty of Mt Tamborine
As fair as I have ever seen.

Down through the years I've journeyed far
By boat and plane, bus, train and car
And some fine places I've been through
And I'll long recall my favourite few.

And home to brush turkeys and rainforest trees
Mt Tamborine is one of these
Where shy bird of the rainforest calls
High on the palms of Curtis Falls.

by Francis Duggan

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