Mt Worth In May

The wind soughing in the tall gums always such a pleasant sound
And the silent shrike thrush searching for insects on the ground
In a quiet park in the mountains and though clouds are looking gray
You won't find a place more beautiful than Mt Worth is in May.

The yellow robin silent on low branch of Blackwood tree
She eyes the grass below her if insect she might see
And save for a few birds chirping the silence is profound
And peace and rich green beauty are every where around.

Places of peace and beauty from my travels i recall
But I've not seen one more beautiful than Mt Worth in the Fall
From behind the clouds from time to time the Autumn sun appear
Seems Mt Worth in the Gippsland hills to heaven's gate is near.

To drive on gravelly road up to Mt Worth like climbing up the sky
Green paddocks in the vales below and beauty meets the eye
The Aboriginal People hunted here in centuries gone by
And perhaps to Mt Worth in the hills they came back home to die.

The memory of this peaceful place with me my life will stay
And I'll remember old Mt Worth until my dying day
And if it's so beautiful in Autumn what must it be like in Spring
When the sun is brightly shining and the wild birds nest and sing.

by Francis Duggan

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