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Much Ado About Something!
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Much Ado About Something!

The minute I metcha
I know at once I loved ya
And all
I had to do

was connect this
act of seeing to
the rather new
notion of loving you.

I manage to make this so
all on my own
but then panic set in

and I wondered whether
you love me too.
I was scared.
I was frightened.

What...what...if you didn’t!
Curled up inside
your own heart

you were telling yourself
exactly the same thing
and exactly in
the same dilemma.

Not knowing If I loved you...
you were frightened.
You were scared.

I stammered: “Please...
don’t take this the wrong way but
I’m rather sure I
...love you! ”

You took my hand and
talking only in kisses
you proved the validity
of it being mutual.

Later, we laughed.
“God I didn’t know what to do...! ”
“You were scared of me...
...I was scared of you! ”

“All I knew
was that I loved you
and didn’t know
what to do
about it! ”

Later, it became a running joke!
And you unashamedly used my
“Please, don’t take this the wrong way but I’m rather sure I love you
...to do the dishes

to take out the trash
to de-flea the cat
to be my husband and I’ll be your missus.
All I could do
is kiss you...kiss you.

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