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Much To My Disappointment
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Much To My Disappointment

Poem By Francis Duggan

Much to my disappointment i have come to realize
That in ways i am not that different to those i criticize
The human failings in others that i do see
Are the failings i have come to dislike in me

We need ego for survival as is often said
But like many my ego too big for my head
I am not one of the humble since their kind are few
Though you may say to that tell us something that's new

With my human failings i struggle every day
My swollen ego of humility always gets in the way
The craves of the ego i too does pursue
And we are like those we dislike does remain ever true

Much to my disappointment i have become aware
That with those i criticize many things in common i do share
That in my ways i too can be so very small
And this does not please me not one bit at all.

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