Much Today Is Not Of The Lord

This world has changed in so many ways in these ever darkening days,
For it used to be The God of Grace, but now its wicked men we praise.

Today many entering God's marriage covenant enter totally deceived,
For those who wish to, have changed Adam to Madam and Eve to Steve.

Pure religion is keeping oneself from the world so not to be polluted,
But we have embraced the world so that our theology is convoluted.

Soldiers serving God have no time to be involved in civilian affairs,
But too often the Gospel is put aside, only to address worldly cares.

God makes it very clear that a rebellious spirit should be corrected,
Today we are told to stay encouraged, as this is only to be expected.

The Lord Himself said that we are not to call anyone on earth Father,
But ordinary men dismiss The Lord simply because they wear a collar.

Church is where you strengthen your Faith by hearing sound theology,
Unfortunately many pulpits today are smothered in worldly psychology.

As you struggle through your week church is a place to be encouraged,
But Satan has planted so many weeds at times you leave discouraged.

John the Baptist's words echoed on, “Repent for The Kingdom is near.”
Today many balk all my sins are forgiven, so what do I have to fear?

Much today is not of The Lord, who will one day very soon condemn it,
And many will be left behind when He raptures His remaining remnant.

(Copyright © 04/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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