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Much Wants More

You say you wish you had a million dollars but if you had a million you might wish for two
For 'much wants more' that quote has much truth in it and applies to me as it applies to you
I've often dreamt of a big win in lotto though I've not been one of the lucky few
Who won their millions in a lotto ticket such dreams of course for many don't come true.

And much wants more applies to the most of people and much always leads to a lust for more
You buy a house in an upper clas suburb your new mercedes in
car port by front door
Your kids in private school are educated and you and your wife with your wealthy new friends socialize
And you don't talk of your middle class suburb and with the past you've severed all your ties.

Yet you feel now that you'd need a few more million as you've just bought a brand new B.M.W. for your wife
And you know that money brings you social status and money a most important thing in life
Your new found friends you feel are worth impressing and by your show of riches them you can impress
Your brand new cars your Merc and B.M.W. are living proof to all of your success.

And much wants more as relevant as ever and to so many those three words apply
And those three words have self as ancestor as well as the words me, myself and I
And were I in your shoes I would feel no different for much wants more also applies to me
But I will never climb as high as you've climbed for I'm stuck at the base of social tree.

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