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Mugabe's Philosophy
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Mugabe's Philosophy

Down among Mugabe's niggers,
paid in money made from blood,
pulling, with great pleasure, triggers
waiting for the giant flood.

Help yourself, we cannot feed them,
kill as many as you can,
Africa will never need them,
Africa is not for man.

I'm not Jesus, breaking bread,
stretch one lousy fish to feed,
those who ought to be long dead,
white man go for black man's need.

God will never punish me,
you, my people may not live.
I am God, my eyes do see
seas of blood, for you to give.

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folly, folly, folly at it's worst.You seriously call this a philosophy? shame on you.You should have been in South Africa for the funeral proceedings of Nelson Mandela to see for yourself what a great statesman RG Mugabe is? Say what you want to say and see what you want to see but that doesn't change how the man is appreciated world over by the voiceless and the down trodden ones.