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***mugs And Drugs***
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

***mugs And Drugs***

Poem By Kaspa Richards

I knock on the window of my mates’ front door
Looks confused so I remind him what I'm here for
What’s happening can u sort us with that score?
There’s none in the area? When you getting more?

While he talks I think god he's a mug
Pregnant girlfriend but both do drugs
He drinks and she likes coke in the club
Both haven’t learned enough is enough

For the child’s sake they should change there ways
Three months to the birth you can count the days
Slowly you will see the elation begin to fade
As the realisation of a child hits them where there paid

Didn’t think of this when they heard the news
A baby on the way they were over the moon
But between the pair of you, you have one room
Sort yourselves out that baby’s coming soon

That's when all the joyful smiles turn to frowns
As you watch there life get turned upside down
Swimming in baby tears there life’s been drowned
He should’ve worn a rubber now who’s the clown?

Walking away from his mums rave hit flat
Baffled at how someone can be such a prat
He actually believes he is who he acts
The hard man from TV who neglects all the facts

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what a tremendous write pal.......
You can paint vivid pictures Kaspa.....