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Muhammad Ali Had Died
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Muhammad Ali Had Died

If I had a flag I'd fly it at half mast
As I just heard I have lost part of my past,
The memories are all that I now have left
Unto our world of life, there was a terrible theft.
I still remember that one man who loved to fight
But, not always with fists, sometimes with poems to recite,
He was never humbled, but he did fate us
And he will always be remembered, as the greatest.
He was a boxer at which he was very skilled
His shoes they will never or could ever be filled,
My heart was excited and my soul would sing
Whenever I saw him dance into the ring.
Because of him l learned not to run, but to scuffle
When I walked down the street, sometimes I did a shuffle,
I will always see him standing there with honor and pride
Sadly, I just had heard, Muhammad Ali had died.

Randy L. McClave

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An apt and heartfelt tribute to one of the greatest sports persons of all times. We do share your sentiments, Randy McClave. Thanks.