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Mulier Amicta Sol
JMM (10 May 1946 / Wilmington, North Carolina)

Mulier Amicta Sol

Poem By John M Marshall

I came into your mystic dream;
the golden sun was on my gown,
upon my head aurora’s wreath,
around my waist the reins of dawn.

With slender rays of blue and white,
shining like the light of noon,
the jewel beneath my wingéd feet
formed the arc of the crescent moon.

On burnished beams I spread my wings
to touch the sky with florid rays.
Beyond the flaxen door of days
I danced to sow the starry fields.

Through the mists and wisp of the wild
I shone the gleaming lamp of night,
behind which glows in haloed light
the blissful face of the cherubs’ child.

Many fires compose my eyes;
many rainbows gild my face.
The tongues of flowers from my mouth
light the shadows of your soul.

Upon the whirling zephyr’s breath
I soar above the angels’ foe
to touch with grace and lenity’s love
the prey of woe and give them peace.

©1993 John M. Marshall

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