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Multicultural Warrnambool

All races and colours from dark to white and brown
You will see on the sidewalks of Warrnambool Town
Africans, Caucasians and Asians and those of Indigenous race
Help to make the Bool a multicultural place.

A cultural Rural City Warrnambool by the sea
Where people of many Nations do live in harmony
The Warrnambool Community based on a fair go for all
A place where one feels at home as I can well recall.

Each time I go to Warnambool I feel so at home there
Than the Bool people friendlier you will not meet anywhere
A bright and breezy Coastal City of many a happy face
The beauty of multiculturalism they openly embrace

A multicultural City is Victoria's Warrnambool
Where children of every Nation you will find in every school
The children of the locals and migrants and Sudanese
Whose parents came to Warrnambool as poor boat refugees.

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