NC (7/1/93 / Banbury)


A mum is always for you,
from the day you were born,
and she is there for you,
when you are down or need help.
even you are older(which is never,
because you are always her baby) .

If you are having problems,
and cannot speak to anyone,
but mum is there 24/7 even,
she has gone.

But a mum is a wonderful person,
to be with and a person you should,
repect for ever.

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hi hun, love the poem
Lovely poem about mum, I like it.
a mother is one u gives u this poem.....
lots of heart in that write really nice mate. All mums would be proud of that! : -)
Your mother should be proud of you, Nathan..Thanks for sharing this warm tribute :) Best wishes. Amary.
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