Mum And Henry

Why do you two do this to me?
One minute you're high in love.
The next you're argumentative,
And all unhappy.
It's not fair on me,
Or on the other four.
You argue every time you go out,
You start as soon as you're through the door.
I can't take the arguments,
And the shouting much longer.
This isn't worth the pain,
But now I think and wonder.
What life would be like,
If none of you were in it.
Would it be hell?
Or would I be able to sit.
In my own wonderful world,
Without any fighting at all.
But then there would be no one to catch me,
If ever shall I fall.
So I will leave you to carry on shouting,
And I will fall asleep.
And think of a family who love me for me,
And a love I know I can keep.

by EMMA Funnell

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