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Mum - I Miss You

Mum you were everything that I could wish for or see
You were always there with me
I cry to tears in all that I do
Life is so hard without you
I love you in my heart so deep
Knowing all those memories that I'll keep
You were strong to keep on going
The love for my Mum keeps on flowing
My Mum was an outstanding Mum in all that I'll say
I miss my Mum everyday
My Mum was the stars in my eyes
My Mum is up in heaven above the skies
Time without my Mum won't heal the missing part
But I know my Mum will always be in a special place, my heart
My Mum was a fighter throughout being so ill
I'll never let go as the love will always fill
Nothing will change what I feel because time apart goes wide
My heart has a picture by my side
May the Lord keep her safe in heaven everyday
My mum is my guardian angel guiding my way
I'll never forget my Mum as I say goodbye
As tears hit my eye
I just want my Mum to come back again
Without my Mum, my heart is bleeding in pain
My Mum always was so caring to everyone, she had a heart of gold
She had such a loving heart in that I hold
The pain was agony which was hard to see
My Mum is in no more pain but she is always beside me
I will always remember her laugh, her cry, her goodness and the way she always tried her best
My Mum is sleeping peacefully now she's at rest
Time without her feels like my heart is shrinking into a thousand pieces and I can't seem to put it back together
One day we will meet again in heaven and live forever
I'll blow my Mum a kiss and say goodbye
I'll never forget my Mum, as I gaze up to the brightest star in the sky

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‘My Mum is up in heaven above the skies’ Melissa, your tribute to your mother is very heartfelt. The love and warmth, it touched my core. She was a lovely person. Don't worry, Heaven is the best and safest place that she can be. Peace to you.
Lovely poem, written from the heart with love and comfort for the mam you loved and cared about. God less!
Yes, she's at rest. Death is part of us. Thanks for sharing.
Thankyou so much! Means alot
Such a touching and tender tribute. Well done!
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