Mum - I Miss You

Mum you were everything that I could wish for or see
You were always there with me
I cry to tears in all that I do
Life is so hard without you

by Melissa Patty Click to read full poem

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‘My Mum is up in heaven above the skies’ Melissa, your tribute to your mother is very heartfelt. The love and warmth, it touched my core. She was a lovely person. Don't worry, Heaven is the best and safest place that she can be. Peace to you.
Lovely poem, written from the heart with love and comfort for the mam you loved and cared about. God less!
Yes, she's at rest. Death is part of us. Thanks for sharing.
Thankyou so much! Means alot
Such a touching and tender tribute. Well done!
Time without my Mum won't heal the missing part But I know my Mum will always be in a special place, my heart My Mum was a fighter throughout being so ill I'll never let go as the love will always fill Nothing will change what I feel because time apart goes wide.. i too l ost my mum at an early age. i know and feel what you write. a wonderful poem on the love of the mother. God bless you. tony
Life and death! ! And, to miss a mother. Like i lost my mother recently. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
The mother is the best lovable person for us since she thinks a lot for us. Thank you so much for this amazing poem.
Awww such a beautiful, beautiful elegy in remembrance of you amazing mother. She gave birth to a daughter who has heart and soul and that makes her amazing. Much love to you sweet sister.....
So touching Melissa and so real.
Wow! It's so emotional
I just want my Mum to come back again Without my Mum, my heart is bleeding in pain....19 so real feelings She will enter room gently Put books on shelf orderly Set the quilt on body With all the care so motherly
Mother has no replacement. She is the angel and always with you in your every breath. May her soul rest in peace. With love affection and more and more blessing.
This is beautiful and very heart feeling....hopefully you will meet again and she will share much with you.... I wrote a similar one. Not on poem hunter yet.
Very heartfelt (and heart-wrenching) , yet she obviously created someone who continues to capture and carry her memory and legacy everyday...thank you for sharing this moving tribute to your Mum...
You have covered so many special things about your adorable Mum. I hope you have printed these wonderful words with the most sparkling frame, for you Mum was a Diamond and still lives so strong in your heart. I thank you for sharing your feelings and may I say thank you for the photograph of you both. Take good care. x