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Mum's Birthday
RAS (18-1-1995 / egypt, cairo)

Mum's Birthday

Poem By Raghda Ashraf Soliman

Happy birthday to my pretty queen

The one whom I can at anytime lean

My always and forever best-friend

With her the real 'Quality Time' is spend

Mom, you brighten my every night & day

Thanking you is hard in any possible way

You are that one who understands me the most

From just a glimpse without a call or a long post

Just being your daughter is my pride

You are always there for me by my side

No one is perfect for me as you are

If I were the sky u are definitely my star

A woman whom I miss every single hour

the one who supplied me the ON life power

You made me the person I am today

Helped me to choose my own way

My backbone whom with I can't fight

Who showed & taught me the wrong & right

Having a mother like you is my huge life bless

I am grateful for always making me zero stress

Between the 365 year days here is a simple gift

That will still never be enough for all your lifts

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