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Her Large And Lovely Dark Eyes

It is a heartless gray day today
...a gray and rainy day today
I wonder if it is a blue-sky day today
...a bright blue-sky day in heaven today.
She doesn't know what kind of day it is out there
...those large lovely dark eyes of hers don't care
They are closed to the shadows gathering in the room
...where both day and room are smothered in gloom.
I wondered if today would be a dingy gray day
...This day that was always a relentlessly coming day
When her poor worn-out body would be carefully carried
...And under the cold and muddy ground be buried.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~© 2018 Susan Williams

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Someone needs to run Mr Gibson's nose right in these words! ! ! Three cheers for you, Gershy, and three cheers for MAUREEN DOWD! !